MCO: Thinking it through

MCO: thinking it through

The pre-requisite for the development of a fully functioning ministry collaboration site is a design concept and a team of designers. Once the design is sufficiently concrete, some of the foundations can be laid. To get started, just two foundation stones are proposed:

  1. Personal Registration, and
  2. Project Registration.

This would be followed by creating the means to connect with people of similar or complementary interests, providing theological and temporal mentoring, facilitating the apportionment of funds to the most deserving ministries, projects and services. All this to increase our capacity to contribute in line with Eph 4:16, whatever our particular talents. We have a design concept and you are, potentially, the designers!


To gather together the best possible resources to collaborate in the design and implementation of the MCO “social/ ministry/ serving/ financial/ news/ opinion/” networking site for Christians under the word of God.

  1. The initial goal, Personal Registration, is to create a place within the site where Christians can register an account and record their profile of talents/experience/interests that are relevant to serving the body of Christ. This enables them to be matched with and potentiall to find like minded people and projects/ministries.
  2. The second goal, Project Registration, is to create a place where Christians can register and define a project/ministry/service that they are working on so that people who are interested may participate.
  3. These are the priorities while the site is under construction. Others may look on, and there may be other development, providing it doesn’t hinder construction. We’re not trying to attract attention at this stage, but people who drop by will be invited to leave contact details and suggestions.
  4. Design values will be high – think Apple. The reason is that in our ‘consumer’ culture we have only one opportunity to earn trust. If we fail on the first encounter, our failure is permanent. For this reason every collaborator and network needs to place quality as a high value. Simple goals can have high design values.


  1. There are undoubtedly much better ways of going about this, but we have to start somewhere. As soon as we learn of better ways we should adopt them. So regard all of this as tentative, and know that your suggestions for improvement are encouraged. Particularly if backed by experience. Please do invite others who have relevant expertise.
  2. It is is an integral part of the MCO vision to include a transparent system for apportioning funds to ministries/projects/services, but this is not possible as an initial goal. This means that until we’re in a position to raise funding for the site development, all work will need to be done on a voluntary basis. Any funding will be based on a business plan which will need to based on well developed design plans and market research, and on theological mentoring. This is probably some way off, Mat 6:4.
  3. We’re hoping that by defining our theological values as being under the word of God that we’ll avoid many of the denominational and tribal distinctions that could divide us. We recognise that we’re all work in progress, and that none of us have a complete and final understanding of God’s word. Our God is consistent, unchanging and orderly. Where we find ourselves at odds in our understanding we must be humble, to look more deeply into God’s word for help, without compromising what we hold to be true. This is unlikely to become a problem during this early design and development phase. The greater problem is that we all use the language of our tribe.We must pray that we seek to never give or take offence, John 13:35.


  1. The meeting place will be (working title, currently parked at VentraIP)
  2. Implementation collaborators will be invited to participate in a survey to establish their profile.
  3. If you know how to get a project like this started please put your hand up now! Follow the Friends of IU2U link.


  1. We’re all serving the body of Christ through our work, Eph 4:15-16, and we glorify God in doing so. We collaborate in order to serve. Every collaborator must be clear in their heart and mind who it is in the collaborative chain that their work/service/project/ministry is serving. To the extent that we keep the chain of service intact, the contribution large or small of each collaborator is serving the body of Christ.
  2. Unfortunately we’re all corrupt! It is only by repentance and faith and the grace of God that the chain of service will survive. We will seek to exhort and encourage one another to good works, and we’ll also build into the accreditation process for ‘ministries’ and ‘projects’ a biblical- integrity check, Eph 4:11-12. More later on how that might work.
  3. There will be several categories of site development collaborators:
    • Firstly designers – serving guides (below) – by defining how it will look and function.
    • secondly developers – serving designers – by creating algorithms and code.
    • thirdly planners – serving designers, developers and guides – by scheduling of priorities of activities and events to optimise collaborative efficiency.
    • fourthly guides – serving site users – by testing completed work.

Each category will organise internally into teams/work groups with an agreed service flow. Let us know where you’d be interested in serving the MCO site development at this link, MCO Roles.
If you would you like to support this with prayer and interest please choose this link to join the GYI Friends network, Friends of IU2U.

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