IU2U: Thinking It Through

 IU2U, thinking it through

A personal letter to the 100 saints who’ve given me their time and wisdom.

Dear saints, brothers and sisters in Christ,

Since mid 2010 I have sought your views and insights into the threats and opportunities facing Sydney Anglicans. This flowed out of my experience working on the Connect 09 executive and a debriefing meeting that I had with the chairman Archbishop Peter Jensen in May 2010, when I suggested to him that there were ways we could improve our performance with supporting of our clergy and our laity and gain greater productivity from our assets. He challenged me to propose specific actions that he could take.

I’ve needed a lot of help from you to understand why we have under-performed in these areas, and how to respond to the Archbishop. I’ve also been working in collaboration of Archie Poulos, Head of Ministry at Moore College and the Centre for Ministry Development, and with the help of Author and Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer in New Testament at Moore, David Peterson. I’m reporting to you now that a comprehensive solution has germinated. The fruitfulness of this seedling is up to us.

Your collective help forced me to realise that the need for action is more urgent than I had imagined in 2010, and that it’s primarily up to the laity to lift our performance, not the Archbishop or the clergy. If you’re interested in understanding the challenge, follow this link, The challenge we face.

Those of us who are Sydney Anglicans have much to value and protect, particularly our clergy, our theological college, our parish life, and our children. These are all under threat. The same threats face Christian brothers and sisters in other denominations, and we must act in their interest as well. We laity have more than 600 clergy serving 80,000 of us, and though small by proportion, they’re very competent Word-ministers who urgently need our support. The actions that I propose for the laity are from two perspectives:

  1. First – the established generation perspective. We need to mobilise our considerable resources to grow the church using the ministry tools and techniques that are already available, but in a new way. The laity need to take initiative to support our clergy for the reasons that are explained here, follow this link, The Lay Ministry Initiative (LMI).
  2. Second – the new generation perspective. A new generation of young Christians need our support as mentors to use their unique, collaborative work-practices and paradigm changing talents and perspectives as ‘digital natives’, to start a church growth movement. Follow this link if you want to know more, The Generation-Y Initiative (GYI). There is also very important project within the GYI, Ministry Collaboration Online (MCO).

These two initiatives working in combination, by laity equipped by the clergy, have the potential to defeat the forces that threaten to crush us outlined in The challenge we face . With God’s help we can multiply the Gospel ministry of the body of Christ by mobilising our laity, but only if we each play the small but necessary part for which we have been called. If you want to follow and pray for the progress of both the LMI and the GYI please choose this link to join the IU2U Friends network, Friends of IU2U.

We have all been given talents, however humble, for a purpose. They are not to be buried, or used to serve ourselves. Do you have talents that you want to develop or use to serve the body of Christ? Do you know other christians who may be interested to join us. Please follow this link:

  • Pray that we’ll all take Ephesians 4:15-16 to heart.
  • Pray for words to inspire others to join us.

Yours in Christ,


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