Ministry Collaboration Online: executive brief

This could be of interest to Christians, living under the word of God, who are familiar with mobile social media and could be interested in the creation or use of an on-line meeting place for servants of Christ to collaborate in serving the body of Christ.

The MCO concept

  1. This is a very specialised opportunity, for those who understand and want to participate in the development of a ‘ministry/social’ network in cyberspace, a web-based collaboration network. They may participate at a technical level, or as beta testers by becoming early adopters.
  2. Traditional models of service are either individual and spontaneous, or top-down organised professional ministries – these models for mobilising lay people are no longer most effective for the task. Key evidence of this is that 90% of Sydney Anglicans no longer have any significant ministry – yet the needs are greater than ever with well below 5% of the population confessing Christ!
  3. The problem cannot be solved by institutions. Institutions are by definition conservative and unable to respond quickly to a radically new cultural context.
  4. The solution requires a grass-roots “movement” – a revival.
  5. A revival starts with a catalyst – and I believe that the catalyst could come from Gen-Y and the ‘geeks’! – they have the tools, the know-how, the energy, and the urgent need to turn the church around onto a growth path! For the sake of their faith and for the sake of their children – who are at risk of being born into a dispirited and dying church.
  6. If this is correct, it will be Gen-Y who seed the revival, but they’re at great risk of discouragement from those who hold the levers of control, and failure for lack of perspective and resources. It is the earlier generations who possess these vital factors of organic growth.
  7. This opportunity for collaboration should be readily embraced by Christians. We’re all joints and organs of the body of Christ who is the head. By working together we can grow. In fact our growth is conditional on unity in spirit and endeavour. We need the Clergy, the Boomers, the X-ers, and Gen-Y to collaborate, working within a new organisational model that will be far, far more efficient, productive and fruitful than we’ve ever experienced before!
  8. It will be built by Gen-Y, with encouragement and resources provided by the Boomers and X-ers, inspired by the word of God preached and taught by the clergy.
  9. Initial seeding will be by word of mouth, but soon assisted in ‘going viral’ by mobile technology.

If you want to think this through a little more deeply, follow this link, MCO: thinking it through.

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